Being in a nomadic trip in the Scottish highlands in the middle of November is one the best thing I’ve ever experienced that bounce me and my wife soul. We really need to relax our frantic minds so we decided to hire one of the incredible campervan of Caledonian Camper Van Conversion. The experience was outstanding those van hide in the inside a real little home where up to 4 people can sleep comfortably there is everything you need to cook, eat and store and the best thing:

stars are included.

Moreover they have also a self heating very helpful in the freezing Scottish nights or for the quite famous “four season in a day”.

We start our journey in Glasgow heading the northwest areas of the Highlands, we passed through the beautiful loch Lomond national park and we settle up for the first night under the stars in the stunning scenario of Glen Etive. The next morning sunrise shows up the incredible colours of this specific season: at the same times you can see the green grassland, the red pine woods and the white mountain cap.

We got back the on road passing 2 days getting lost in the areas of Glen Coe and Ballachulish spotting deers, sheep and mouflon.

We simply going erratically with our Van exploring kilometres of the many one-way streets with endless

passing places and yes, we took various ferry randomly without looking to any map.

That’s the freedom that the campervan gives to you.


Next we want to visit Skye island and its legendary mountains, we pass through remote little places like the city of Elgol; just few houses, 100 people and thousand of sheep, we pass through the Elian Dolan castle a.k.a. the Highlander castle “there can be only one”, we hike the fairy pools in Glen Brittle and we try many kind of local whiskey and brewed beers.

Skye is a little world where in a moment you can be at the black beach in Uig and the moment after you are driving in the mountains surrounded by a snowy panorama.

Well Highlands are a very big area to discover and I believe that this campervan experience is just the first of many.