Caledonian Campers & Conversions Ltd design and manufacture their own rock n roll beds. Our customers can choose from our 3/4 rnr bed design with two seat belts or our full width rnr bed with three seat belts.

Safety and comfort are ultimately the most important elements of Caledonians rock and roll beds design. Each bed comes with a M1 safety certificate ensuring our customers peace of mind when using our rock and roll beds.

Each bed is auto trimmed by our master seamstress & master upholsterer both with 40 years’ experience between them.

Caledonian Campers & Conversions Ltd have recently upgraded their foam to a thicker more durable specification to enhance the comfort and ultimately the sleep of our customer’s experience.

All our beds are handmade with quality materials including vinyl / leather or fabric to suit individual preferences.

Why don’t you get your front seats re-upholstered to match your bed?

We welcome you and your vehicle in to see us at our workshop and have a chat with our installation team today for a no obligation quote.